WAIFLE & PG.99 "Do You Need a Place to Stay?" CD

$ 1.99

Live album from WAIFLE and PG.99, recorded a 93.1 KSCL in Shreveport, LA on 03/08/2001.

01. Intro/A Death at Willoughby Spit
02. Calling You Ten Nights in a Row
03. Cold Harbor
04. Croaker Norge
05. Under a Swarm of Black Birds
06. Watch Out for the Button in the Glove Box
07. The Most Dreaded Fate Imaginable
08. Hook, Line, and Sinker
09. Intro
10. Comedy of Christ
11. Punk Rock in the Wrong Hands
12. We Left as Skeletons
13. In Love With and Apparition
14. Your Face is a Rape Scene