V/A "The Year in 7"s" LP

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The 12" LP now comes with a free MP3 download. 

Recorded: 1980-1981
Released on LP: October 1984
Released on CD: October 1995
Re-issued on LP: 2007

The Four Old Seven Inches LP, first released in 1984, compiled four early Dischord EPs (by then already out of print) from Teen IdlesSOAGovernment Issue and Youth Brigade (DC).


Minor Disturbance E.P.
The Teen Idles Teen Idles
The Teen Idles Sneakers
The Teen Idles Get Up And Go
The Teen Idles Deadhead
The Teen Idles Fleeting Fury
The Teen Idles Fiorucci Nightmare / Getting In My Way
The Teen Idles Too Young To Rock
No Policy E.P.
S.O.A* Lost In Space
S.O.A* Draw Blank
S.O.A* Girl Problems
S.O.A* Blackout
S.O.A* Gate Crashers
S.O.A* Warzone
S.O.A* Riot
S.O.A* Gang Fight
S.O.A* Public Defender
S.O.A* Gonna Hafta Fight
Legless Bull E.P.
Government Issue Religious Ripoff
Government Issue Fashionites
Government Issue Rock 'N Roll Bullshit
Government Issue Anarchy Is Dead
Government Issue Sheer Terror
Government Issue Asshole
Government Issue Bored To Death
Government Issue No Rights
Government Issue I'm James Dean
Government Issue Cowboy Fashion
Possible E.P.
Youth Brigade (2) It's About Time That We Had A Change
Youth Brigade (2) Full Speed Ahead
Youth Brigade (2) Point Of View
Youth Brigade (2) Barbed Wire
Youth Brigade (2) Pay No Attention
Youth Brigade (2) Wrong Decision
Youth Brigade (2) No Song