V/A "Doused in Mud, Soaked in Bleach" LP (Nirvana tribute - WHITE vinyl)

$ 19.99

1.) Defeater - Blew
2.) Thou - Floyd the Barber
3.) Beach Slang - About a Girl
4.) Basement - School
5.) Circa Survive - Love Buzz
6.) This Will Destroy You - Paper Cuts
7.) Young Widows - Negative Creep
8.) Mean Jeans - Scoff
9.) Rob Crow's Gloomy Place - Swap Meet
10.) The Fall of Troy - Mr. Moustache
11.) Big Hush - Sifting
12.) Daughters - Big Cheese
13.) The Saddest Landscape - Downer

(issued on Robotic Empire)

** Please note: this is a distributed item that we traded for from Robotic Empire. Robotic tends to ship us stuff without removing the vinyl itself from the jackets and sleeves. As such, some records occasionally arrive with seam splits on various spines and/or sleeves. We remove the records from sleeves before we ship (to prevent further cosmetic damage), but we can't go back in time on how we received everything from Robotic Empire. Thanks! **