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With a sound like the undead proletarian masses destroying their former masters in a blood-spattered zombie uprising, the unholy CRIMSON SPECTRE defy all that corporate punk and hardcore have become. Maybe because they’re old enough to remember a time before there was such a thing as “corporate punk and hardcore”, or maybe because they never sold-out to a formula sound or watered down lyrics.   In the days when the US empire pretends to stand triumphant and declare that “there is no alternative”, five (r)aging punk rockers never stopped believing in the power of rebel music or revolutionary dreams.

Instead, CRIMSON SPECTRE will be the ones digging the graves, as they unearth monster riffs and bone-shattering beats to unleash on the oppressor class. CRIMSON SPECTRE is the evil smile on the face of the gravedigger.

UWHARRIA started in 1999 as a group of environmental activists who were to create a musical extension of their activism. Eight days after forming, the band had written seven songs, played their first show, and recorded a demo.  These songs were based on the concept of nature glorification: skunks, woodpeckers, sea turtles, dung beetles, and the human species being devoured by a jaguar.

UWHARRIA blends early hardcore punk with NWOBHM and a heavy dose of crossover thrash, while being compared to Bad Brains, COC, Ratos de Parao, DRI, and oddly, CCR. The band’s favorite review was, “Sounds like Ronnie James Dio getting his face ripped off by a sharp shinned hawk at an Accused show.”