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"The debut INTER ARMA album, the Richmond metal band we watched grow over their formative years into a truly formidable force. Tastefully spanning most metal genres (blackened chaos through downtrodden sludge), these young freaks have so much going for them that it’s pretty amazing to get to work with them in on the ground floor. I think most people who’ve witnessed them live expect great things for INTER ARMA, and with the band now signed to Relapse there's no real surprise that they've achieved notoriety.

Recorded all analog in rural Virginia, INTER ARMA deliver six lengthy songs on their first album, Sundown. This black vinyl LP includes a download code (with a killer bonus song that couldn’t fit on the vinyl), and intricately trippy cover art by RVA native Eliza Childress. Printed in black ink on brown chipboard covers, the INTER ARMA debut does the band introductary justice, and we’re seriously thrilled to have a small part in what is undoubtedly one of Virginia’s finest exports in quite some time."

(via Robotic Empire)

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