$ 4.99

Transcontinental in scope, this split LP pairs Belgium’s HESSIAN with Cleveland’s PALE CREATION. Unifying themes of wrath, scorn, and urgency permeate 9 stunning full tracks in just under a half hour.

This release marks the debut of HESSIAN, the least forgiving unit from the Church of Ra family of Belgian stalwarts. Marked by a storm looming beneath towering guitars and hectic drum patterns, HESSIAN is the sound of the savage howl of the lone wolf to the pack.

The flip side features the latest from long-running Clevo vets PALE CREATION. Fans of INTEGRITY and RINGWORM have come to know what to expect from this quartet: dark, brooding metallic hardcore shaped by unconventional twists at every turn.

Track List:
1.) HESSIAN – Torch
2.) HESSIAN – Blood of Elijah
3.) HESSIAN – Sang Froid
4.) HESSIAN – Sons of Avarice
5.) HESSIAN – Rabhas
6.) PALE CREATION – Forgiveness Fails
7.) PALE CREATION – Red Chromate
8.) PALE CREATION – Force the Madness
9.) PALE CREATION – Forever Illusion