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Comprised of singer/guitarist Eric Richter, guitarist Jim Lehnhoff, bassist Chris Peterson, and drummer/vocalist Jeremy Jones (who also collaborated with Richter in THE 101), GOLDEN CITY formed rather organically in Brooklyn, NY and began casually recording tracks throughout 2007 and 2008 with good friend Ian Love (RIVAL SCHOOLS, CARDIA).  The intent was simply to play music, record it, and make it available for people to hear and enjoy (initially for free download via the band’s MySpace page).

Reactions were overwhelmingly positive, culminating into the band taking the songs before live audiences with more frequency and now assembling 8 debut tracks for formal release into the wild.  Not to disappoint, songs like album opener “Gray” and “Stars” harken the insta-nostalgia that permeated Richter’s work in CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE, while the upbeat tempos of “Diamond Suits” and “Big Country” exude a strikingly confident sophistication that can only come from the years and experiences collected since.  All told, the eponymous debut of GOLDEN CITY is a study in the delicate balance of capturing the energy and spirit of glories past and channeling it all into a refreshingly new and exciting brand of emotional rock and roll… proof that sometimes it takes one of its originators to truly push a genre forward.