FRODUS "Radioactivity" CD

$ 6.99

Now this is a live Frodus release that really captures the fond memories of Frodus. This is at our peak in 1998 before things disintegrated playing at KXLU in LA along with previous early recordings of us live at WMUC (College Park, MD) and WHFS, a DC alternative radio station that later became a latin station. The KXLU show sounds great and captured the bombast and paranoia theme we had going back then with our megaphone antics. Moreso than the other live recordings which unfortunately are during some awkward periods, Radioactivity is mine and other Frodus fans of the past favorite live documenation.

In the photograph is my friend Vance pretending to operate a Ham radio setup. It’s funny as his dad would listen to cold war era encrypted transmissions off the Alaskan coast way back in the 80s.

- Shelby Cinca, Frodus