AUSTIN LUCAS "The Common Cold" LP

$ 12.99

Recorded between 2004 and 2006, “The Common Cold” is 9 songs debuting and documenting the humble yet infectious origins of a man that has truly helped raise the bar for folk-punk every year since.  Previously only available in Germany and sporadically in the states, 2009 marks renewed life and attention on the record that started it all.  The astonishing 1-2 punch of the insanely memorable “Dead Factories” and “Darlin” sets the stage for a wonderfully-paced and tenderly-curated journey into the captivating world of AUSTIN LUCAS.  Whether accompanied by stand-up bass, banjo, and pedal steel (see title track) or pure a capella (see “Cruel Brothers” duet with sister Chloe Manor), one thing is clear: AUSTIN LUCAS is a completely brilliant story-teller with the chops and the pipes to back it all up.

Track List:
01. Dead Factories
02. Darlin'
03. Pigeon Father
04. Anything for the Baby
05. Common Cold
06. Corn Husker
07. Cruel Brothers
08. Kith and Kin
09. Last Song for a Sweetheart