AUGHRA "Proof of Dark Matter | Light the Lights" CD

$ 1.99

Proof Of Dark Matter | Light The Lights is the first proper full length from AUGHRA. Instrumental in nature, the album succinctly captures the duality Brent Eyestone’s solo work has steadily become known for: equal parts of both eerie, creeping horror-movie-inspired isolationist chillers and soaring, feel-good, dynamic melody. The end result is an engrossing foray into a world of instant nostalgia, haunting introspection, and intangible inspiration from shadowy sources… a true respite for thinkers in a soundbite culture.

Track list:
01. Et in Arcadia Ego
02. The Warmth of the Shallows
03. Upon the Oak Doors of the Whitechapel
The Machinelike Registration of Proximity...
05. A Calculation of Worth...
06. And the Decision to Eviscerate
07. There is Nothing Tender in My Resignation
08. Peers Become Prey
09. Ode on an Urn
Bonus track: Return to the Red Room