AUGHRA & MOSH PATROL "Is There Anyone Else Outside?" CD

$ 1.99

The ambient/avant monikers for Brent Eyestone (HARMONIC CROSS, HIGHNESS) and Chris King (THIS WILL DESTROY YOU, SYMBOL), AUGHRA and MOSH PATROL (respectively) can both be described as the glorious head-on collision between our digital “sophistication” and our primordial longings. Massive aural soundscapes and delicate, contemplative melodies permeate this split collaboration, eliciting trance-like introspection upon repeated listening. Packed with mysteries, chills, and other elements that draw a universal nostalgia from within the listener, AUGHRA and MOSH PATROL will sink into your bones and stay put. If you’re looking for a disc to paint your mental canvas over the long hard winter, seek no further.