BLEACH EVERYTHING "Nazi Punch, Fuck Yes" Picture Disc 7" Lathe (ltd. 25)

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Nazi Punch, Fuck Yes is a promo single from Richmond, Virginia’s BLEACH EVERYTHING. Available across all digital and streaming platforms, the song was also issued on limited edition 7” picture disc lathe format for the band’s September 2017 shows in Texas with Austin’s PORTRAYAL OF GUILT. Only 25 were made and we're offering a handful here while supplies last.

Certainly not subtle in message or intent, Nazi Punch, Fuck Yes is a unifying anthem for anyone in this world that holds zero tolerance toward racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia, nationalism, and all beliefs or actions that seek to trample or restrict common decency and respect toward the diversity that keeps us all learning and growing more with each other every day. As a band, and as individuals, BLEACH EVERYTHING refuse to remain silent amidst the re-emerging faces of thinly-veiled Neo-Nazi rhetoric. We know what you’re attempting to do and we will make you afraid again.

Track list:

01. Nazi Punch, Fuck Yes (2:11)

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